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The fiber after crushing the sugar cane is called "bagasse" in the industry. The factory needs electricity and steam to run, both of which are generated using this fiber.

The bagasse is burnt in large furnaces where a lot of heat is given out which can be used in turn to boil water and make high pressure steam. The steam is then used to drive a turbine in order to make electricity and create low pressure steam for the sugar making process. We generate 5 KV power and use 5 KV for operation of the factory. The balance 5KV is contributed to the National grid.

The Sevanagala sugar project has 4215 planted cane lands. These lands are cultivated by farmers, those who are sourcing by the company. They were given 2 – 4 ha. for cultivation of sugar cane. The lands with cane cultivated out of these 4215 ha. are called out grower lands. The cane cultivated in these lands is also supplied to the company.