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Setting off treasury loans

The institute sets off its loans taken from the treasury from its first production itself and received a net profit of Rs. 426 million in the year 2012 which is a few times more compared to the past. And the salaries of employees were increased by 80% in 2013, while improving the living conditions of sugarcane farmers by increasing the price for their yield from Rs. 3200.00 to 4200.00. per metric ton of sugar cane. In addition they are paid incentives and Profit bonus which altogether reached Rs. 4500.00 per metric ton.

After this transitioning the institution has been able to achieve the following targets under the new management.

  • The sugarcane cultivated lands extended from 2125 ha. To 3250 ha.
  • Sugar cane received to the factory increased from 116,000 Mt to 175,000 Mt.
  • Liquor production decreased from 29 lt. to 15 lt. per Mt.
  • 150 casual employees were absorbed to the permanent cadre.
  • Employed 350 new recruits.
  • Salaries of the employees were increased by 80%
  • Cane price was increased from Rs. 3200.00 to Rs. 4200.00 per metric ton.
  • Severely damaged Roads & Channel network repaired & developed.
  • Interest rate for farmer loans & services reduced from 18% to 8%.
  • Renovation of all unattended buildings and employee quarters renovated.
  • Granting of financial and other assistants to hospitals, schools, temples,
  • Common roads and irrigations and other government & Private institutions.
  • Payment of incentives and bonus for both workers and farmers on achievement of targets.
  • Replacing of quality spare parts instead of inferior quality spare parts required for the factory.

About 4000 farmer families in the area were engaged in the cultivation of sugar cane. Many indirect occupations are generated in cultivation and at the factory for the people of surrounding areas.