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Our CSR activityinitializes believing that we must generate income values of the sugar cane farmers and add value to the community and the environment in which we operate. We set up absolute income for more than 15,000 farmer families directly and 10,000 other families indirectly living in the region.

 sevenagala-csr-image1Activities of LSCLS always linked with its stakeholders, as we provide all assistance such as lands, preparation of lands, weedicide, fertilizer‚Ķ.so on and sugarcane farmers supplied their crops as main raw material for manufacturing of sugar.

 We build houses, irrigation channels drinking water sources and roads where it's needed with no limitations and differentiation neither nationality, nor religion or color.

We have been paid Rs. 502,240,956.00 for sugar cane farmers for Supplying of Sugarcane in the year 2012 and Rs. 572,159,952 in 2013.(Up to 31st August)