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  • The Richness of the Success..
    The Richness of the Success..
  • New Technologies to the Site..
    New Technologies to the Site..
  • The Richness of Proud Taste..
    The Richness of Proud Taste..
  • Nourishing the nation…
    Nourishing the nation…
  • Sense of Taste..
    Sense of Taste..
  • Our Factory..
    Our Factory..
  • Producing Best Quality Sugar..
    Producing Best Quality Sugar..

Welcome to
Sweet Land

The Sevanagala Sugar factory was loosened at an arduous rustic village called Sevanagala in the Uva province bordering down south which was dismissed with no attention until it found to be a scrumptious region to cultivate Sugar cane in 1980.In result presently Sevanagala is a consociation that unabated and incorrupt to live easy, peace and harmony.

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Who do
We Serve?


The company has a dynamic leadership with a vision to think, plan and act on the prosperity of agrarian economy of the country.The company strongly believes that the country has a greater potential to develop the rural economy, to eradicate poverty and rural unemployment within a short period of time by adopting correct policies under......

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Sets Us Apart?


Lanka Sugar Company Limited – Sevenagala (LSCLS) recognizes the value of each and every employee from bottom to the top, and often appreciates their constructive approach and positive thinking.
The company takes every attempt to keep the employees a happy, committed and self-motivated lot.

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