The company has a dynamic leadership with a vision to think, plan and act on the prosperity of agrarian economy of the country.The company strongly believes that the country has a greater potential to develop the rural economy, to eradicate poverty and rural unemployment within a short period of time by adopting correct policies under public private partnership.
The Pelwatte company has set an exemplary benchmark on this direction to learn practical lessons for policy makers, investors and the farming community.

The company’s strategy has been often focusing towards the development of the farming community in which the company operates successfully. This strategy has created an enabling environment for rural people to participate vigorously in the development process by utilizing modern technology and best practices.

LSCP has taken a much focused approach when deciding on how best we could respond to community needs, given the characteristics and nature of our location. We identified very early in the piece that people need to have access to key ways of building a life for themselves and their families. Thus in our CSR initiatives, there is a very definite focus on education as a means of uplifting rural youth and providing them with the means to seek lucrative futures.