LSCLP factory and plantation are located in the Moneragala District of Uva Province, (UP) about 225Km. by road east of Colombo near to the intersection of the A4 east-west highway and the A2 highway linking the south coast with the highlands. Travelling time by road to Colombo is approximately four hours.

The estate lies on the boundary of the intermediate and dry rainfall zones of Sri Lanka, immediately south - east of the central mountain massif at an altitude of 175 m above sea level.

The terrain is undulating plains interspersed with rocky outcrop and small streams.The soils are mainly well draining red-brown earths (RBE) on the higher ground, with low humic clays (LHC) and alluvial soils along the river course.
Of the total area surveyed, over 9000 ha, of land suitable for cane cultivation have been identified within the project area.