Program for getting back the out grower farmers to the Sugarcane cultivation of Maha Ara, Wandama Area.

And Event has been arrenged on 24th April 2019 at Maha ara for implementing following initial tasks through this large scale project.

01. Reparing the Elephant Fence, Constructing Maha Ara canel and applying estate protection mobile security services to this Area.

02. Elepahnt Fence reparing from Demodara to Kirindi Oya and applying estate protection mobile security services to this Area.

03. Establishing a Sugarcane Buying station for facilitate for purchasing the Sugarcane from the Maha Ara, Demaliya and Wandama.

Rev. Nayaka Theoro of Maha Ara Temple, Chief Execitive Officer Mr. Gamini Wijerathna, Chief Operations Officer (Pelwatte) Mr. A S Dean, Officials of Wild Life Conservation Department, Officials of Forest Department, Farmers and staff of Lanka Sugar Pelwatte took part on this special occasion.


According to the Buddihist Religious activities.


Objectives of the Project.


CEO coporated with begin the Canel Constructions.










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